Saturday, 28 September 2013


1. Destructive Music (10/10)
Review by Katie Metcalfe

"I enjoyed this release massively from the very beginning, and to say I’m eager to hear what they have lined up next is the understatement of the century."
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2. Old Disgruntled Bastard
Review by Devdutt Nawalkar

"It is this compositional coherence and clarity of purpose in the overall context that sets Solar Deity apart in the Indian scene; the ability to unravel the germ of an idea and see it through till fruition is painfully rare and needs to be applauded wherever found."
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3. Headbangers India (9/10)
Review by Ankit Baraskar
"To sum it up, this is an excellent release for fans of black metal looking for an interesting exponentiation of the 90′s black metal sound"
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4. Eight Octaves (4.5/5)
Review by Varun Khatri 
"With ‘Devil Worship’, the band has certainly reached a higher level of ascendancy, leaving absolute quality material for us to listen and head bang on. For those for you who want to hear it like this: yes, it better than their previous releases! Now go f*cking get it!."
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5. The Heavy Metal Saloon (81/100)
Review by John Cheetham 
"I've listened to it pretty regularly since happening across it and have no doubt I will remember it come year's end. "
Review by Dallas Luckey
"Overall I thought the record was a very strong release with a lot of solid instrumental work. There are no gimmicky overdubbed guitars or abuse of guitar sweeps here. Its a simple, clean cut, to the point type of record and I for one respect the hell out of Solar Deity for doing what they do best. "
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7. Eternal Abhorrence
Review by Hassan Umer Amin
“Devil Worship is a fine piece of modern day black metal and is undeniably infectious. It stays true to the roots of the genre by making sure you can’t spend a single moment without banging your head and raising the horns. "
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8. The Broken Metronome (9/10)
Review by Bhavika Tekwani
"Devil Worship is definitely a great piece of work. At no point in its 25 minute run does it seem mechanical or half-assed and for black metal records these days, let alone black metal acts in India, it’s a hard thing to pull off."
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9. Extreminal Webzine (8/10)
Review by Zivon Gurung
"Devil Worship can be considered a well produced and yet another impressive offering by Solar Deity and with this their musical trajectory continues to cause havoc and enthrallment at the same time."

Monday, 2 September 2013


Devil Worship' is third EP and the second installment of Solar Deity's 'Satan' trilogy. The EP is a sequel to the Satanic outfit's debut, 'In the Name of Satan', and the follow-up to last year's atmospheric masterpiece, 'The Darkness of Being'.

The album can be streamed on Bandcamp (click here) and is also available for Free Download (click here). Released by Nephalist Recordings.

Devil Worship has been Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap Studios. Mastered by Daniel Kenneth Rego.

Artwork by Aakash Dwivedi.